S u s t a i n a b i l i t y a n d S o c i a l R e s p o n s i b i l i t y

The local area and its people are our most precious assets

The sustainability in wine growing

S p u m a n t i G e m i n

Located in the heart of Veneto, the Valdobbiadene area is renowned for its wine-making tradition. Spumanti Gemin firmly believes in the Valdobbiadene area and the dedication of the people who work and grow vines there.
Environmental matters play a central role in all fields of production these days and the wine industry is no exception. Pioneering wine growing and producing companies are beginning to appreciate the importance of taking a sustainable approach with the aim not only of saving the planet but also of enhancing the quality of their wines.

Sustainability in wine growing can take a vast range of forms, from responsible use of water resources and organic land management to utilization of renewable energy. The goal is to reduce our ecological footprint, while preserving the integrity and riches of the world around us.

When it’s produced in perfect harmony with the natural world, we firmly believe not only that the quality of wine is greater, but also that it tells a profound story full of passion, respect and unparalleled dedication.

In 2023, we were very excited to start making exclusive Mixed Flower Honey, thanks to the tireless work done by the bees from strategically positioned hives in the picturesque Valdobbiadene vineyards.

As well as being a real treat for the taste buds, the special edition products present concrete proof of our pledge to protect the environment and the high standards of our local area.

Spumanti Gemin
A Sustainable Company

Our mission is to create a solid, sustainable company that revolves around people and the planet. In every decision we take and every investment we make, we strive to strike a balance between these two invaluable resources. As well as producing exceptional sparkling wine, it means we’re also helping to preserve and promote Valdobbiadene’s cultural and environmental heritage.

Spumanti gemin

T h e p e o p l e

We see people as an essential part of our local area. That includes those who tend the vines on the Valdobbiadene Conegliano hillsides and the community as a whole. With this in mind, we invest not only in the business but also in the people behind it.

Our team’s made up of four women and four men, all of whom work in synergy as they constantly strive to enhance our company. The young, dynamic team is led by the company owner Paola, who has years of invaluable experience to her name. Looking to the future, we strongly believe that young people hold the key to success for our local area, which deserves to be recognized for its outstanding wines.

Women play a central role at Spumanti Gemin. Paola is a steady hand at the helm who has shown superb entrepreneurial skills and helped to make our company a byword for quality throughout the local area.

S p u m a n t i G e m i n f o r t h e S o c i a l

Reflecting our dedication to health and the community, Spumanti Gemin is proud to be an official partner of WelfareCare’s breast cancer prevention campaign. . On a number of days each year, the association provides free mammograms for women. Our involvement underlines our support for this important cause and shows how keen we are to contribute to the health and well-being of women in our community.

Our commitment to supporting women encompasses all fields, including sport. Spumanti Gemin is proud to sponsor the all-female 511 Racing Team in the world of motorcycle racing. The team presents a tangible example of women’s strength and determination, so we’re proud to have the opportunity to contribute to their success.

We support the daring women of the 511 Racing Team during their battles on the track by sponsoring the team with Valdobbiadene DOCG Madre Paola. It’s a wine that epitomizes the world of women and embodies their strength and resilience. We endeavour to support women in all fields, so they can reach ever greater heights and inspire others to do the same..

Spumanti Gemin has also chosen to invest in the Valdobasket Association, which works with local basketball teams and helps young people of all ages to achieve their goals, both in sport and in their social lives. We’re proud to support this initiative because we believe that empowerment of the younger generations has a crucial part to play in the future of our incredible local area.


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Savour the unique flavours of our Valdobbiadene DOCG creations and selected, exceptional Cru wines, perfectly complemented by traditional cheeses and deli meats from the local area.

Whether you’re having some time away with your family, marking a big anniversary or celebrating any other occasion, make it a day to remember. Let the Gemin family use their expertise to guide you on a sensory journey through the Prosecco Superiore DOCG world.