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Bees in the Vineyard

Bees in the Vineyard


We’ve taken concrete action to increase biodiversity in the local area by starting six colonies of bees in our vineyards.
Bees are therefore the true allies of biodiversity in the vineyard. The main aim behind the scheme is to create a healthy, natural environment where bees can do their job and perform a crucial role promoting biodiversity in the vineyards.

The presence of bees in and around vineyards is usually associated with Italian SQNPI (National Integrated Production Quality System) certification, the symbol of which is a bee. The certification involves twofold checks to show that integrated regional production regulations are followed in various stages, including growing, processing and packaging.

This logo can be found in all of our vineyards. It highlights the “Sustainable Quality” of our finished products. In terms of the vineyards, it shows that the SQNPI-certified company has minimized the use of plant protection products, leading to a healthier vineyard environment and substantially reducing pollution

As well as bringing benefits for the vineyards and the environment in general, bees only eat grapes that have already been harmed or damaged by wasps, birds or the elements. They leave fruit that’s in a perfect state untouched.

The alliance between humans and bees represents a forward-thinking choice that promotes biodiversity. In a world that’s increasingly afflicted by climate change, we must all think about how we can play our part by espousing solutions to make the world sustainable for younger generations. The bees might be small, but they can make a big contribution with their work in the vineyards and the honey they make.

Spumanti Gemin


As well as benefitting vineyards and the environment in general, bees make honey Honey: the nectar of the gods, is made from the nectar that bees find in flowers growing near our Prà dell’Ort vineyards.

Honey is a great natural sweetener and it also has numerous characteristics that can be used for medical purposes. They include:

  • An antioxidant effect
  • Wound healing;
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey is often used to provide relief from sore throats due to its soothing qualities.

The Mixed Flower Honey produced by the bees from our Prà dell’Ort vineyards was collected in November 2023 and can now be found in our shop!

Spumanti Gemin

2023 Honey Harvest

In 2023, we were very excited to start making exclusive Mixed Flower Honey, thanks to the tireless work done by the bees from strategically positioned hives in the picturesque Valdobbiadene vineyards.

The innovative initiative began in the spring, when we installed six hives that each contained 60,000 bees. Having nurtured them with the utmost care and dedication for eight months, we’re proud to announce that we’ve harvested their precious output and we now have a limited selection of just 100 jars of Mixed Flower Honey for sale. As well as being a real treat for the taste buds, the special edition products present concrete proof of our pledge to protect the environment and the high standards of our local area.

The jars each contain 250 grams of honey and they’re designed to make perfect presents. They’re ideally sized and the rich, varied flavour of Mixed Flower Honey can satisfy all tastes. It’s a sophisticated gift that’s bound to be a big hit.