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The Gemin Experiences

The experience is an in-depth discovery of the world of Valdobbiadene Gemin.

The Gemin Experiences

The experience is an in-depth discovery of the world of Valdobbiadene Gemin.

basic tasting

The tasting experience at the winery of the winery Gemin, is based on the tasting of two Valdobbiadene DOCG base and two Cru. At the beginning of the tasting the concept of “denomination” will be introduced and then the individual wines will be explained, together with the history of the winery. The Valdobbiadene DOCG will be presented together with selected cheeses and meats of the territory. The tasting can be guided by a member of the Gemin family or by an extra component and will take place in the historical headquarters of the winery in Valdobbiadene.

Basic Tasting: Information on Tasting

Learn about the Production Process

This experience allows to know the production process of Valdobbiadene DOCG, from the vineyard, to the cellar, up to the glass. It is important for us that the person who decides to embrace the Gemin philosophy knows the story behind each bottle. The Experience wants to bring the person into the vineyard, to understand the evolution of the vine and the production of the raw material. In the second place you will visit the cellar of the harvest, where you receive the different grapes, which are then vinified separately. We will then head to the part of the cellar where the refermentations take place in an autoclave and where the finished product is bottled. At the end of the tour you will go to the tasting room to taste the Valdobbiadene DOCG, accompanied by a selection of local meats and cheeses. During the whole process the name will be explained and the history of the company will be introduced. The Experience will be made by a member of the Gemin family or by a professional of the company.

Learn About the Production Process: Information on Tasting

Discovering the Terroir and the differences between the Vineyards

This Experience wants to make the wine lover understand that vineyards distant from each other even only 100 meters as the crow flies, give completely different results. These differences will be perceived by tasting the base wines coming from different vineyards, directly from the spinels of the wine jars. During the visit will be explained the different types of land of the different vineyards and origins. After the tasting, we will proceed with a visit to the winery and the visit will end with the tasting of 4 Valdobbiadene DOCG (two basic and two Cru), always accompanied by a selection of local cheeses and meats. The Experience will be conducted directly by the winemaker of the Gemin family, to better understand all nuances of the wines.

Discovering the Terroir and the differences between the Vineyards: Information on Tasting

Explore the Old Vintages.

A sparkling history among the first in Valdobbiadene: this has allowed us to refine a technique of our own, which allows us to give foresight to our sparkling wines. The Experience wants to make you perceive the evolution implemented through the years of our Valdobbiadene DOCG, coming from individual vineyards and with very low sugar residues, if not in some cases absent. A unique, exciting and in a sense romantic experience. A tasting guided exclusively by our winemaker to let you fully enter into our wines and let you live every single detail.

Explore the Old Vintages: Information on Tasting

Il Pioniere, a Valdobbiadene
Unique to discover

The Experience is an in-depth knowledge of the world of Valdobbiadene Gemin and in particular of the Il Pioniere.
We start from the winery with a member of the Gemin family, aboard a 4×4 off-road vehicle, in the direction of a very particular vineyard, located on one of the most beautiful and lush banks of Valdobbiadene: the shore of Santo Stefano.

Along the way you will stop at a small wine producer and bestower, to know and taste the Prosecco with the bottom, so called for its natural deposit of yeasts. A traditional wine to be tasted exclusively in Valdobbiadene.
Always by car you will climb to the top of the shore. Here you can learn the secrets of the terroir and the cultivation of the vine on these steep slopes, exposed for most of the day to the sun, which generate a unique product which is Il Pioniere.
You can taste it among the rows, combined with a taste of local salami, to fully understand the deep bond between territory and wine. Then we will return to the winery to discover the production processes of Valdobbiadene, from the reception phase of the grapes, to the final bottle.
Last but not least, a tasting, always accompanied by a member of the family, of the 3 main wines produced by the company. This experience aims to make you feel the passion with which we produce these inimitable sparkling wines and the emotion that we want to convey to you when you taste them.

Il Pioniere: Information on Tasting

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