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Exclusive Tour nella Riva di Santo Stefano


The Experience is an in-depth cognitive journey into the world of Valdobbiadene Gemin and in particular the Pioneer.
We set off from the winery with a member of the Gemin family, aboard a 4×4 off-road vehicle, in the direction of a very special vineyard, located on one of the most beautiful and lush banks of Valdobbiadene: the bank of Santo Stefano.

Along the way, you will stop at a small wine producer and conferee to learn about and taste prosecco col fondo, named for its natural deposit of yeast. A traditional wine to be tasted exclusively in Valdobbiadene.
Still by car we will climb to the top of the shore. Here you can learn about the secrets of terroir and vine cultivation on these steep slopes, exposed for most of the day to the sun, which generate a unique product that is Pioneer.

You can taste it between the rows of vines to fully understand the deep connection between territory and wine. Then it will be back to the winery to discover the production processes of Valdobbiadene, from the grape receiving stage, to the final bottle.

At the end of the tasting, always accompanied by a member of the family, of the 3 main wines produced by the company, accompanied by a platter of cured meats and typical products. This experience aims to give you a sense of the passion with which we produce these inimitable sparkling wines and the emotion we want to convey to you when you taste them.


  • 4×4 off-road used to reach the Riva
  • Wine tasting with vino con il fondo at one of our grape suppliers
  • Tasting our Pioniere D.o.c.g. between the rows of the vineyard
  • Explanation of the production process of our wines
  • Tasting of 3 glasses of D.o.c.g., carefully described
  • Pairing of a delicious platter of meats and cheeses typical of the area with Pan da Vin


  • Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Brut
  • Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Dry Madre Paola Rive di Guia
  • Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Cartizze
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