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V a l d o b b i a d e n e : a t r e a s u r e t r o v e o f e x c l u s i v e v i n e y a r d s a n d t h e b i r t h p l a c e o f e x c e p t i o n a l " V a l d o b b i a d e n e D O C G G e m i n " P r o s e c c o S u p e r i o r e T r e v i s o i n V e n e t o

Spumanti Gemin
Valdobbiadene, Treviso (Veneto)

A n a r e a w h e r e t h e C L I M A T E , L A N D A N D P E O P L E m a k e a l l t h e d i f f e r e n c e

When you buy a bottle of Gemin “Valdobbiadene DOCG” sparkling wine,  whether you choose the drier delights of extra brut and brut or the velvety sensations of extra dry and dry,  you’re embracing the philosophy of a business   that brings out the best of its local area and all the ways in which Italy excels.  

Everything is done by hand, from mowing the grass and pruning to all the little special touches 


Valdobbiadene Superiore of Cartizze

Also known as yellow gold, this wine is the ultimate embodiment of the concept of terroir: the combination of factors such as the soil and the climate, as well as human input. Made with Glera grapes from very old vineyards, only a few, highly prized bottles are produced. The perfectly balanced minerality, acidity and residual sugar add a uniquely elegant touch to this sparkling wine. It can be enjoyed on all sorts of occasions and is ideal for everything from simply sipping on its own to rounding off a meal in superior style.

D e d i c a t i o n a n d t r a d i t i o n i n e v e r y s i p

This is an authentic, enthralling family story that began after the Second World War.

Today, the company has all sorts of plans and prospects in store for the future thanks to Paola and her children Luigi, Luca and Elisabetta.

Spumanti Gemin is writing the next chapters in the family story in an area that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, pouring all of its passion and dedication into a unique product: GEMIN sparkling wine.

Spumanti Gemin

A F a m i l y H i s t o r y

G e m i n : T e r r i t o r y , W i n e r y , S p a r k l i n g w i n e s

The company carries out all of the steps in the production chain, covering everything from the grapes on the vines to the finished bottles on the shelves. The vineyards span approximately 7 hectares in the Valdobbiadene hills.

The company’s output stands at approximately 500,000 bottles, which are sold in Italy and the main international markets. The main types sold are classic Valdobbiadene DOCG brut and extra dry wines.

In addition, small niche batches are made exclusively from the grapes of individual vineyards, in a separate vinification process. They are known as RIVE.

In the winery, there’s a large tasting room for tourists and customers.

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